We Won Big at the Readers' Choice Awards!

We've always known that our Hollywood 101 series of performing arts books for kids and teens was...well...magnificent and yes, sensational, especially according to our young actors.  Now the prestigious actor's resource for everything stage and screen, backstage, has awarded our own Chambers Stevens, five, yes I said five, 2014 Readers' Choice Awards. Our Ultimate Commercial Book for Kids and Teens won the L.A. Readers' Choice award for Best Acting Technique book! 

Thanks everyone that voted!  We truly appreciate your enthusiasm and support. 

Chambers also  won for best L.A. audition technique, L.A. acting school/coach, L.A. acting class for kids, and L.A. monologue coach.  Here's a link to the award announcement. 

 Backstage Readers' Choice Award Winner 2014