Accent & Dialect Resources

If you really want to master an accent, Stern’s CDs and workbooks, now in electronic form, will help you achieve your goal in record time!

Every day, acting with an accent is becoming less of a special skill and more a standard training requirement. Actors know that being able to speak several dialects of English and even one foreign accent add to their marketability.  After all, films today are made all over the world. Stage plays often include characters from different regions of the world, and casting directors screen for actors that can incorporate the right dialects within their performance. Bottom-line, speaking with an accent that sounds real to native speakers puts more money in the bank.

Today the British accent, American accent, Asian accent, Indian accent, Russian accent and southern accents are very popular. There are several methods on the market to learn an accent. Not all of them are created equal. Make sure to learn the new dialect from a professional!

David Alan Stern, Ph.D. has taught thousands of actors and broadcasters to put on foreign accents and regional dialects.  He’s worked in Hollywood since 1980 as an accent and dialect coach for the motion picture and television industries. He has served on the faculties of both Wichita State and Penn State Universities while his directed learning system is used in over one thousand college theatre programs and by professional actors around the world! Among his students are Mike Farrell, Jack Klugman, Edward James Olmos, Bronson Pinchot, Lynn Redgrave, Forest Whitaker, and Michael York as well as Oscar Winners Geena Davis, Olympia Dukakis and Sally Field.