The Confetti Company Activity Guides:  Kid Actors love the The Confetti Company Activity Guides because each has fun activities to do with a parent or with friends. 

Researchers suggests that play, especially performance-related play, improves vocabulary, listening, and reading skills. We feel that the cooperative projects in each Activity Guide also help budding actors integrate character education.  A win-win!

The Confetti Company Student-actor Assessment Series:  Parents!  Teachers!  Drama Club leaders!  Now you can assess learning in a fun way that truly meaningful. 

Based upon leading research and grade-specific language arts standards, the Assessment Series provides 16 student-driven assessments along with easy-to-implement instructions. 

Use the Activity Guides and the Assessment Series with the Confetti Company Fairy Tales for Today! books-n-CDs and Play-in-One-Act scripts.  Age level:  3 - 8 years.