Drama Club Audio-Books 4 Kid Actors

Developed for children between the ages of 2 to 8 years old,

Confetti Company’s productions show even the youngest children that acting is fun.


The Confetti Company Drama Club members are: 

Top Row:    Sammy   James   D.J.   Tina   Yvonne

Bottom Row:    Benjamin   Claudine   Julio   Cami   Aimee

Confetti Company stories are original fairy tales that model good character, feature happy family settings and children as heroes. They are upbeat, contemporary and let children experience solving their own problems with one another's help and support.

The Confetti Company's original fairy tales are perfect for budding actors!  All the stories are also available in "script format" so that children can act them out just like the Confetti Kids.

CDs include narration by Emmy® and Tony-award winner Robert Guillaume, the voices of a multi-ethnic group of children performing the roles as well as ~15-25 minutes of continuous high-quality stereo entertainment, with CD tracks for each page that make keeping up with the audio easier. Original score is upbeat and totally modern music that today’s kids really enjoy.

Picture of Robert Guillaume

What Our Families Are Saying!

“My son is now 15 but when he was younger he thoroughly enjoyed the Confetti Company stories.  I also have a 6 year old and 4 year old twins who are totally captivated by the same Confetti Company stories their older brother used to listen to.  I searched the Internet to find more Confetti Company books because my children love them so much.

It has been 10 years since I purchased the books for my oldest son.  I was thrilled to discover you have so many new titles.  I ordered 4 new stories immediately.  It's a great boost to the self esteem of my children to be able to see themselves as the lead characters in traditional fairy tales.  Your books are the best kept secret in the world of children's books.  I highly recommend them to parents, teachers and anyone involved with young children.   Keep the confetti flowing!!!