One Act Plays 4 Kids

Based on Confetti's Fairy Tales for Today! series

Hear it - Say it - Play it

Confetti’s Classic fairy tales like Cinderella and Frog Prince are brought to life and performed by the Confetti Company kids drama club, a group of 4 to 9 year-olds.

Your children listen and read along with a “live” audio performance. Everything that the Confetti Company kids say on the CD is provided in script format so that your children can listen, read along, and then act! 

Help build a child's self-esteem, discipline, coping skills, and confidence.  Put on an end-of-year play.  Do a reader's theatre!

Scripts include:

  • Director’s Planning Guide
  • Sets, Costumes, & More section
  • Performers Do’s and Don’ts
  • Complete cast list in priority order
  • Entire fairy tale audio in script format
  • Staging directions

Children Learn:

  • Why every play takes group cooperation
  • How to listen closely, take direction, and be responsible for a task
  • What a play is and what jobs there both back stage and on stage.

Pick up the story that goes along with the script! Let your kids hear the Confetti kids doing the play so that your kids can use our Confetti kids as role models!

Remember, everything the Confetti kids say on the CD/tape is reproduced in the script. Along with upbeat, contemporary music and sound effects. A real entertainment experience.

The Director’s Planning Guide

  • From assigning roles to staging, sets, and publicity, we’ve thought it through, just for you.

Sets & Costumes

  • Ideas for easy-to-make sets, props, and costumes, as well as ways to make scene changes quickly.

Performers Do's and Don'ts

  • 8 basic actor’s skills that will push presentation skills to a completely new level.

The Cast List

  • Characters are presented in priority order from the largest parts (most word intensive) to the smallest. Parts can be assigned by reading skill or ability of the student to rise to the challenge.

The Script

    • Stage directions, scene change indicators, and staging recommendations for the director.

What Our Customers are Saying about our Play in One Act series:

“I wanted you all at Confetti Enterprises Inc. to know that my students just love your books. Hearing children like themselves tell these stories makes them very eager to try the plays themselves. Everybody wants to be part of our reader’s theater now! My students look forward to reading! Can you believe it. Thanks!” ...... 

“At first I was concerned that putting on this play would be too much. Now, I’m trying to schedule time to do another. Great product. Thanks!”......