The African-American Heritage Cookbook, by Vanessa Roberts Parham

The African-American Heritage Cookbook, by Vanessa Roberts Parham

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The African American Child's Heritage Cookbook was written expressly for children age five & above AND their grown-up helpers. The print is large, easy to understand & there's only one recipe per page! Ingredients & equipment needed are all clearly spelled out. Cooking directions are highlighted under the caption "How To Make It."

Though this book makes it easy to cook in the kitchen with children, it's their parents that love this book the most. Generations of families have cherished this volume.  So much so, that we get grandmothers calling for new copies because their children "borrowed" their copy and don't seem inclined to return it. 

Specific chapters accent recipes of Creole & Cajun, American-Indian, Caribbean & African heritage. Holiday dishes are presented with special attention on African-American celebrations such as Kwanzaa & Juneteenth. Of unique interest to children & their adult helpers are the two chapters devoted to George Washington Carver's sweet potato & peanut recipes.


"I happened to purchase this book at the library. I was so impressed with all of the recipes. I am interested in learning how to cook ethnic foods. I also like to do so with authenticity. That is what made me purchase this book. I absolutely love it! I have learned to cook so many new recipes. My children love it as well. I highly recommend this book to anyone of any color or ethnicity. It is simple and the recipes are outstanding. I found recipes that I had heard about, but I did not know how to cook. Many of them I had not even tasted before buying this book."--Diane S.

"Excellent book to teach younger cooks on the fundamental of preparing wholesome meals."--Melvin G.

"Love this book. It has a wide variety of recipes that have easily accessible ingredients and directions that are easy to understand. I actually use it myself. Have been able to find recipes for foods that my mother ate when she was growing up in the south many years ago. My 9 year old grandson wants to use it to cook with."--Cin M.

"Excellent presentation with excellent recipes. Much larger than expected. Excellent presentation with excellent recipes. My daughter, who's 5, live it!"  --Ann N.

Book Features:

  • History of African-American Cooking
  • African-American Celebrations including Kwanzaa and Juneteenth
  • The Meaning of Kwanzaa by Day and by Symbol
  • The American Indian Influence on African-American Cooking by Area, Tribe and Food type
  • Safety Rules for kids in the kitchen
  • Kitchen Dangers: Fire, Appliances and Knifes
  • Basic cooking terms everyone should know
  • Kitchen Math! Table of measures and equivalents
  • Measuring up to be a good cook: How to measure properly.
  • Abbreviations, so that you can follow those recipes correctly
  • A Glossary (A-Z) of roots from your kitchen.