The Egyptian Cinderella by (Adapted by) Shirley Climo

The Egyptian Cinderella by (Adapted by) Shirley Climo

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Definitely recommended for your Cinderella collection.  Poor Rhodopis! She has nothing-no mother or father, and no friends. She is a slave from the far-off country of Greece. Only the beautiful rose-red slippers her master gives her can make Rhodopis smile. So when a falcon swoops down and snatches one of the slippers away, Rhodopis is heartbroken. For how is she to know that the slipper will land in the lap of the great Pharaoh himself? And who would ever guess that the Pharaoh has promised to find the slipper's owner and make her queen of all Egypt?

This story is both fact and fable. Rhodopis is believed to have been born in northern Greece, kidnapped by pirates as a child, and sold to a rich man on the island of Samos. One of her fellow slaves, is a homely little man named Aesop, who told her many stories about animals.

Children will love the dramatic illustrations while parents and teachers will appreciate the cultural information woven cleverly throughout the story.

A Review from School Library Journal states:
"A stunning combination of fluent prose and exquisitely wrought illustrations. Climo has woven this ancient tale, a mixture of fact and myth, with clarity and eloquence. The beauty of the language is set off to perfection by Heller's arresting full-color illustrations…Powerful visual presentations reminiscent of the figures on Egyptian frieze paintings and carvings, colorful birds and animals that pulse with life, and information about Egyptian mythology and civilization are subtly interwoven into the traditional folktale."

Illustrations by: Ruth Heller
Paperback  32 Pages